Comparative Homeland Segurity


ISBN: 9780470497142
Año: 2011
Editorial: Wiley
Autor: Nadav Morag

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Students and practitioners of Homeland Security have generally not looked beyond U.S. borders in terms of searching for solutions to existing H.S. policy problems. Comparative Homeland Security: Global Lessons examines overseas homeland security practices, allowing readers to integrate counter-terrorism, emergency response and other H.S. practices from around the world into our own policies. The book covers strategies for combatting terrorism, countering radicalization, emergency response, border and transportation security, critical infrastructure protection, public health and military support for civil authorities from a number of the world’s democracies. Organized topically, the book allows scientists, policymakers, law enforcement professionals, government workers and students of H.S. to easily compare and integrate the concepts presented into practice.

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