Fluid Phase Behavior For Conventional And Unconventional Oil And Gas Reservoirs

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ISBN: 9780128034378
Año: 2016
Editorial: Elsevier
Autor: Alireza Bahadori

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Fluid Phase Behavior for Conventional and Unconventional Oil and Gas Reservoirs delivers information on the role of PVT (pressure-volume-temperature) tests/data in various aspects, in particular reserve estimation, reservoir modeling, flow assurance, and enhanced oil recovery for both conventional and unconventional reservoirs.
This must-have reference also prepares engineers on the importance of PVT tests, how to evaluate the data, develop an effective management plan for flow assurance, and gain perspective of flow characterization, with a particular focus on shale oil, shale gas, gas hydrates, and tight oil making. View more >
Key Features
Provides tactics on reservoir phase behavior and dynamics with new information on shale oil and gas hydrates
Helps readers Improve on the effect of salt concentration and application to C2-Acid Gas Disposal with content on water-hydrocarbon systems
Provides practical experience with PVT and tuning of EOS with additional online excel spreadsheet examples

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