Lessons In Tourism Law

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ISBN: 9788430984299
Año: 2022
Editorial: Tecnos
Autor: Varios Autores

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This manual of Lessons in Tourism Law is for university students and especially students studying a Degree in Tourism. It contains the topics of the subject “Introduction to Law”. The lessons have been presented in an easy to understand, clear and orderly manner. This work is the result of the experience acquired by professors of the discipline of Civil Law. It contains the basic legal concepts of private law that students and future graduates need to know to understand private tourism law. The book may also be useful for tourism professionals, as it contains the necessary information for them to deal with and understand the legal problems that arise in their professional activity. This edition has been duly updated, introducing important issues such as the reform of the capacity of natural persons, resulting from the adaptation of Spanish law to the New York Convention of 26. Written in English, it is aimed at meeting the growing demand in Spanish universities and especially in Faculties of Tourism that offer courses and teaching materials in English. Students can therefore be provided with bilingual training that is as complete as possible and in line with the reality of our times.

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