Strategic Risk Management A Practical Guide To Portfolio Risk Management

$376.200 $300.960

ISBN: 9781118176405
Año: 2013
Editorial: Wiley
Autor: David Iverson

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A comprehensive guide to the key investment decisions all investors must make and how to manage the risk that entails
Since all investors seek maximize returns balanced against acceptable risks, successful investment management is all about successful risk management. Strategic Risk Management uses that reality as a starting point, showing investors how to make risk management a process rather than just another tool in the investor’s kit. The book highlights and explains primary investment risks and shows readers how to manage them across the key areas of any fund, including investment objectives, asset allocation, asset class strategy, and manager selection. With a strong focus on risk management at the time of asset allocation and at the time of implementation, the book offers important guidance for managers of benefit plans, endowments, defined contribution schemes, and family trusts.

Offers a thorough examination of the role of risk management in the decision-making process for asset allocation, manager selection, and other duties of fund managers
Written by the current head of portfolio design for the New Zealand Superannuation Fund
Addresses the fundamental importance of risk management in today’s post-crisis fund management landscape
Strategic Risk Management is a comprehensive and easy-to-read guide that identifies the primary risks investors face and reveals how best to manage them.

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